12 Apr 2015

Right Now: The Denim Midi Skirt

Because comfort and understated always wins.

10 Apr 2015

How to Tame Tinder Perverts

Online dating doesn’t have the sleezy taboo reputation that it once did. Sure, there are still sites that are hook-up based, and some are more serious than others. This woman met her husband online. She did too; but don’t get it twisted, the wackos and weirdos are STILL out there.

10 Apr 2015

Azealia Banks Murders Coachella Stage

Our favorite shit-starter performs “Heavy Metal & Reflective” at Coachella

10 Apr 2015

From the Vault: Whitley and Dwayne ‘It’s Cold Outside’

In honor of ‘A Different World’ coming to Netflix, we had to pull one of our favorite episodes from the vault!

07 Apr 2015

Ignore Calls and Drink Cucumber Water at NYC’s Top 3 Spas

I’m a self-proclaimed spa junkie. When I travel, I never check out of my hotel without taking in the resident’s spa facilities. Outdoor treatments in the Caribbean, bodywraps for a snatched summer body, and mud paths for irritable back acne, the spa is where we all unwind and pretend to

06 Apr 2015

When Natural Hair and New York’s Homeless Collide

I was sitting in an aisle seat on the train. Typical commute mode. Book in hand, headphones on, listening to D’Angelo’s third album. Had to give Kendrick a rest. It’d been on repeat since its release. Basically, I was minding all of my own business, as usual. A strong smell

12 Sep 2014

Geneva S. Thomas Releases Full Statement on Taxi Incident

Jawbreaker founder and TV Personality gives statement on September 2014 taxi incident.



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