Behold! You Can ‘Swipe Up’ on Tinder Now!

For those of you who were growing bored of swiping right and swiping left on the dating app Tinder, the company has released new features so you can show how much you like what you see on someone’s profile. You can now Super Like by swiping up, which is supposed to show a “heightened level of interest.”

There is also a new blue star icon you can tap to show you’re very interested. After you Super Like, that person gets a blue banner message when they visit your profile, which could get their attention.

In a released statement, Tinder CEO Sean Rad said of the new feature, “A Super Like, or a ‘swipe up’, sends a more powerful signal [than just a Like], conveying an especially high level of interest. People like to know that someone finds them special, and we think this will lead to even better matches.”

Low key these Super Likes are another way for people to get ego boosts, but Tinder is only allowing its users a limited number so it’s not used in a way to increase their odds of finding a match.


If someone Super Likes you, will you swipe right or swipe up on their profile?




Brittney Fennell

Brittney Fennell

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