New Doc Rings Alarm on Sexuality in the Black Church

From the director of Bill Duke’s Dark Girls comes a new documentary on sexuality in the Black church. The Church House: Sexuality in the Black Church blows the lid off the stigma, repression and frequent double standards the topic of sex poses in churches throughout Black America.

Directed by D. Channisin Berry, a trailer posted on Facebook by the doc’s co-producer Christine Fields, boldly opens with:

“There’s a line that simply goes, ‘And Adam knew Eve and she conceived and bore a son named Cain.’ I call it the first quickie in the bible.”


There’s a series of apparent religious leaders and scholars throughout the clip. Noticeably there’s only one woman offering commentary.

No release date accompanies the trailer but we’ll keep you updated on dates and where to watch!

Geneva S. Thomas

Geneva S. Thomas

Geneva is the founder of Jawbreaker, which she plans on turning into an intergalactic all-girl army that will someday storm the streets of the world in studded bras and Tom Ford boots. She recently took up archery and collects more books than shoes.

  • MikeinVietnam

    This discussion needs to happen. I can not WAIT to see this documentary.