Look Ma, No Hands: New App Syncs Vibrator with Freaky Tales

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Picture this: You’re at home on a Saturday afternoon taking in this erotic new book you haven’t put down for two-days straight. You find yourself feeling a little tingle downtown and you decide to pull out your vibrator to give yourself a little self-service. Only this time, you no longer need to pull off the balancing act of holding the book up while working your vibrator. Because why? The most genius invention since lavender-packaged Trojans for Her — Little Bird.

Little Bird is a French vibrator that will get ready…brilliantly sync your toys with freaky books. YAAAAS, baby Jesus!


The newly-minted vibrator gets down like this: Download “B.Sensory”, the owner of the toy, from your app store. Little Bird syncs erotic novels with your phone over Bluetooth. And suddenly, your fast-paced, heavy breathing oohs and aahs moments are captured with on-screen vibrations. Sounds like the year 2060? Well, welcome to the future, bitch!

But B. Sensory is the gift that keeps giving.

When you tap ‘couple’, you can get another person in on the action and they can control the toy for you. Now it’s a body party! The app also allows users to control it through the phone for those times you can do without actual reading, which makes it also a regular vibrator only with secret magic powers.

Bustle says French erotic publishers La Musardine, J’ai Lu and Editions Livrior are signing on to offer in-app hot and ready stories. Françoise Rey, known as the ‘grand dame of eroticism’, is a sponsor of the project.

Can you imagine what a good Zane or ’50 Shades’ moment feels like on this sensory splendor? Lord! *runs and sticks head in freezer*

Check out B. Sensory’s promotional video below. It’s in French but oh well!

Geneva S. Thomas

Geneva S. Thomas

Geneva is the founder of Jawbreaker, which she plans on turning into an intergalactic all-girl army that will someday storm the streets of the world in studded bras and Tom Ford boots. She recently took up archery and collects more books than shoes.

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