Everybody wants to be Black. No, really, everybody wants to be Black. In what’s easily one of the most bizarre stories of 2015 (and it’s only June), news hit the president of Spokane, Washington’s NAACP chapter, Rachel Dolezal, has been pretending to be Black woman for years.

Dolezal, who’s known as a prominent civil rights activist in Washington state and teaches Africana Studies at Eastern Washington University, was outed by her parents on Thursday after they told local media she was really White and provided a birth certificate and childhood pictures proving Dolezal was from Idaho and is misrepresenting herself.


“It’s very disturbing that she has become so dishonest,” said her mother Ruthanne Dolezal, who’s estranged from her daughter, to an Idaho newspaper.

In a video that’s since gone viral, a local TV reporter asks Dolezal point blank, “Are you African American?” Her reply is, “I don’t understand the question.” Ma’am! The question is simple.

She told the Spokane-Spokesman Review the question of her race “is not as easy as it seems.” Dolezal also added, “We’re all from the African continent.”

Even though that’s technically true, we’re talking about actual genetics here.


So how did Dolezal actually “pass” for Black?

Well she apparently tanned her skin and wore braids and curly/kinky wigs. In most photos, Dolezal looks like a straight up light-skinned Black woman.

Dolezal’s husband is Black, like Black for real. But what makes this story even more twisted is Dolezal has been claiming her adopted Black brothers as her sons and in a picture on her Facebook page, she also claims an older Black gentleman as her father.

Dolezal was elected to the Spokane chapter of the NAACP last November and is also a chair on the city’s new police oversight commission.

The story broke Thursday night, and to say Twitter had no chill might be the grossest understatement of the year.

Poppin’ off the trending topic, #AskRachel, here’s the best of the best! 

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Brittney Fennell

Brittney Fennell

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