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Monica Handled Ciara Beef like a Grown Woman!

Monica and Ciara stans have known for awhile the two R&B starlets and Atlanta natives who were once close, had a falling out a few years back. You may remember Monica, along with her brother, made a cameo appearance in Ciara’s first video, “Goodies.”

Of course, there’s been rumors about what the falling out was over, but neither of the singers has ever spoken out about it until now.

During an interview with Atlanta radio station Streetz 94.5, Monica was asked about her strained relationship with Ciara. But Monica kept so adult and “Black girl code” (more on this later), we just had to raise church hands about it!200_s

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“At the end of the day, I don’t know how all these different stories got misconstrued and put out,” the “Just Right For Me” singer said.

“I read all kinds of stuff that’s absolutely not true. She and I did have a disagreement. We both had issues with each other. When you’ve been friends for a long time, almost two decades, and you let things fester and you don’t talk about them, it can cause a breakdown that other people may not understand.”

And here’s where Monica gets even more adult about it all.

“I love her. I’m not going to build somebody up to break them down no matter what is taking place. And if ever I did anything that hurt or bothered her, it was never intentional because my love is always from a sincere place.”

As for the rumors Monica knew about Future’s cheating and didn’t tell Ciara and was friends with someone Future was cheating with, Monica says none of that is true.

“I am friends with one of the mother’s of Future’s children, but it’s the mom that you never see and [the one] Ciara also has a good relationship with. A lot of the stuff that you read is untrue. Nothing that happened with us had anything to do with him. We just should have spoken about different issues long before it got to the point that it did. But for me, the love is always going to be the same. The support is always the same.”

That support also extends to Monica buying not only a copy of Ciara’s album, but the whole rack!

“That’s what I’ve always done though, since the first album,” said Monica. “The Ciara that I met was not an artist. So, I love her from a place that goes far beyond the media or the mess…But I can tell you that none of that stuff is true.”

It’s nice to see that Monica still supports Ciara and has love for her. Both artists have always come across as positive down-to-earth level-headed women. Hopefully, they can mend their friendship and get back to where they were.

Monica also spoke about her 2009 reality show on BET, “Still Standing.”

“I loved that experience,” she said of showing audiences her life outside of music. ”

“People say that if you’re positive on TV, that doesn’t work. But why would I show these kids more and more negativity when we live it everyday? I just put on there I got a great family. I got uncles deep down in the country that were driving up here to make sure I was okay as a little girl and even until now. That’s what I showed on the show, and then unfortunately, my life took an extreme turn. I ended up being a single mom with two boys at that time and that was something I did not want to document for the world. That was a time I wanted to make sure my kids were okay, get my co-parenting situation in order and make sure things were in a proper place. I just felt like that was too private. It would have made for great television, I’m sure.”

Monica was offered a second season, but “real life was happening” at that time. However, after being married for five years, Monica says she, her husband and family have built a solid foundation and she’d be open to doing reality television again.


Check out more of the interview below where Monica also talks about her upcoming album, Code Red. The Ciara comments begins at the 14:39 mark.

Brittney Fennell

Brittney Fennell

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