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Michael Ealy is a Crazy Ass Stalker in ‘The Perfect Guy’ Trailer

Imagine you’re finally in the bed after a long day at work, snuggled in your 1000 thread-count sheets. You hit the light, set your alarm clock and you ready yourself for a goodnight sleep after you roll over into your favorite fetal position. You close your eyes.

But Michael Ealy is hiding under your bed. The hell?!


Ealy stars alongside Sanaa Lathan and Morris Chestnut in the spooky thriller The Perfect Guy opening in theaters everywhere Sept. 11.

Speaking to USA Today, Ealy says, “If anything it provokes a fear in the audience. It’s like, ‘is he going to kill her right now?’ That’s why it’s such an interesting thriller.” The 41 year-old actor says, “Who is going to go home after the movie and not check under the bed after that scene?”

Umm yea, I’m sleeping on my couch!

Thrillers starring Black actors are seemingly on trend. Taraji P. Henson and Idris Elba starred in the action-packed movie No Good Deed produced by Will Packer. The film grossed nearly 60 million in the box office.

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In The Perfect Guy, Ealy is Carter Duncan, a super sexy stranger who falls for Lathan’s character, Leah Vaughn. Leah is a lobbyist and she seems to have an ideal life. Chestnut is Dave, Leah’s longtime boyfriend who’s a commitment-probe and Leah being the seemingly smart cookie she is, breaks things off with Dave and ends up dating Carter. Little does Leah know Carter a crazed maniac. Run girl!

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Geneva S. Thomas

Geneva S. Thomas

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