Meet the Tinder for People with STDs

Dating can be difficult for many of us, but it’s especially trying for those who have sexually transmitted diseases and still want to find love.

Enter PositiveSingles, the Tinder for people with STDs.

Made especially for singles with with HIV/AIDS and other STDs, PositiveSingles also uses the popular swipe technology but allows users to look at two profiles at once. The latest version has 750,000 subscribers.

PositiveSingles developer Richard Cordova, says the goal of the app is to give people with sexually transmitted diseases the opportunity to find love without the fear of getting rejected.


When you’re struggling with a disease, you aren’t often surrounded by those in similar situations and it’s easy to feel alone.

A 2008 report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found there are 20 million new sexually transmitted infections every year. 110 million STIs are among men and women, combined with 50 percent of new infections found in people ages 15 to 24.

We all deserve to find love, so hopefully successful love stories come out of the PositiveSingles app.



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