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Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj’s “All Eyes On You” Lyrics Decoded!

The jury is still out on the budding romance between rappers Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill. The couple continues to face public scrutiny, because many believe—like some in our squad—Minaj and her “Levels” bae are “trying way too hard.” But clearly they’re like shrugs to what we think and are getting money on this new world tour.

Their latest duet “All Eyes On You” (featuring Chris Brown) just hit the Web! It’s the first single from Meek Mill’s album Dreams Worth More Than Money dropping Monday and the fresh track has the trap lovebirds boasting and doing the most and if you’re single, you’ll probably be mad.

We decode the song’s most shocking and lusty lyrics! Ladies and gentlemen, here’s your new Bonnie and Clyde, like or not!


1. She was the baddest/ I was the realest/ We was the flyest up in the building – Meek

Maybe Meek is talking about their Mayweather/Pacquaio fight outing. Loved that throwback bandage dress, Nicki!

2. What’s yo name/ Who you wit/ Where you from/ You the sh*t – Meek

Is this the pickup line Meek used to pull Nicki?


3. Choose and pick/ Get the right one/ All these chicks / Got to like one / All these hits / You got to like one / All these bottles / Got to like somethin’ / All these models / Got to wife one – Meek

Seems like Meek is trying to tell us he had loads of options before Nicki, but he chose the right one. M’kay.

4. He was the realest/ I was the baddest/ We was the illest/ When he approached me, I said ‘What the deal is?’ – Nicki

So clearly Nicki fell for Meek’s pickup line. Noooo!


5. Now it’s all eyes on us/ It’s all eyes on trust/ If them b*tches wanna trip, tell ‘em they tour guides on us – Nicki

Bitches?! Ouch! Hope that line wasn’t for Meek’s baby mother.


6. All them hoes, ain’t nothin’ like them/ N***a you know you never wife them/ Them n***as ain’t never hit this – Nicki

Nicki like: I know you think me and Wayne got busy but we didn’t. I promise!


7. “Still at the top of all they hit lists/ What they gon do? Meek and Nic – Nicki

So is this our new Bonnie and Clyde? Wait! Do we even get a say in this?



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