There was one time I was happy to get my period. An unfortunate condom situation that led to a pregnancy scare. (Don’t judge me. You’ve been there.)

One time. Once!

Once out of all 1978392749030 times it’s happened since I was 12.

Other than that, periods pretty much suck.

Cramps and bloating. It’s a personal misery, really. So this new hashtag #LiveTweetYourPeriod is awesome, since it makes me feel less alone. It’s like I have a community of sufferers who understand my plight and my desire for expressing my plight in delightful memes and colorful gifs.

The hashtag isn’t entirely new. It’s been around for a few months, and a New York Times Magazine article gave it new life recently.

But it’s a great antithesis to all of the hypersexual images of women that pervade the Internet. Because that one chick on Instagram who posts all those #thirsttrap yoga pose pics? She has a vagina. And it bleeds. And she probably wears sweatpants and hates everything and everyone once a month, just like everybody else.

Trust us, you want in on this hilarity!

Literally #LiveTweetYourPeriod

What do you think?

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