Kid Rock Won’t Stop Rocking the Confederate Flag

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The Confederate flag is officially gone from the Capitol building in Columbia, South Carolina, but that doesn’t appear to be stopping Kid Rock from rocking the flag.

The performer is known for draping the Confederate flag over himself and using it as a backdrop at his concerts.

To protest the Detroit native’s use of the Confederate flag, the local chapter of Al Sharpton’s National Action Network met at the Detroit Historical Museum, which includes an exhibit dedicated to the singer and 100 years of Detroit music.


Kid Rock wasn’t moved.

In a statement to FOX news, he said, “Please tell the people who are protesting to kiss my ass.” In light of these comments, protestors are threatening to boycott the museum.

Kid Rock’s support of the Confederate flag leaves many of us scratching our heads.

Kid Rock and son at a NAACP event. How's that for irony?

Kid Rock and son at a NAACP event. How’s that for irony?

For starters, his son is biracial and two, he’s from the Detroit area—a notoriously Black town but don’t let that be an excuse for his views. Kid Rock is technically from Romeo, Michigan, and the mitten-state is known for being conservative, highly-segregated and rampantly racist.

This isn’t the first time Kid Rock’s actions have caused controversy recently.

Earlier this year, in a Rolling Stone interview, he shared his thoughts on Beyonce, which sent the Beehive stinging his social media comments.

“People are like, ‘Beyonce’s hot. Got a nice f*cking ass.’ I’m like, ‘Cool, I like skinny white chicks with big tits.’ Doesn’t really f*cking do much for me.’”

And he even threw in his opinion about Bey’s music:

“Beyonce, to me, doesn’t have a f*cking ‘Purple Rain,’ but she’s the biggest thing on Earth. How can you be that big without at least one ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ or ‘Old Time Rock & Roll’?”

Kid Rock called himself exterminating the bees with this Instagram response:

A photo posted by Kid Rock (@kidrock) on

Pretty clever. But eff Kid Rock.

As of right now, the performer doesn’t have new music to promote, but we’ll see if his tune changes once he wants the public’s funds.

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Brittney Fennell

Brittney Fennell

Brittney is a NYC journalist who has goals to disrupt culture in ways unseen.