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Janet Jackson Wants You to Know She Means Business

Janet Jackson has been laying low for seven years with her Qatar hubby and now the music icon is set to release a new album! But songs aren’t the only thing on the 49 year-old’s agenda, add world domination!

Jackson’s new world partnership with BMG will make her the very first African-American recording artist to form a record label. The label, called Rhythm Nation will “offer a home to both new and established recording artists.”

Even though the performer took quite the break from the spotlight, Janet remains one of the bestselling artists of all time, ranking in over 160 million records.

News officially hit Jackson is finally gearing up for a follow-up to her 10th studio album Discipline from 2008, after the singer tweeted a clip of a studio session using the hashtag #ConversationsInACafe. Jackson’s big comeback will allow the performer to enjoy full artistic freedom few artists get to have. Jackson’s statement reads:

“The partnership with BMG makes Janet Jackson the biggest worldwide superstar yet to quit the traditional record label system for a so-called artist services deal, designed to put artists in the driving seat. Unlike a traditional record deal, under an artist services deal, the artist retains ownership of their recordings and full oversight of all costs and revenues.”

Thinking of sampling any of Jackson’s new music? You’ll get an invoice directly from Jackson, herself. “Pay me what you owe me!” Indeed.

Reportedly Jackson’s new album will be dedicated to her late brother Michael Jackson. We can not wait!

Geneva S. Thomas

Geneva S. Thomas

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