Seems like Janelle Monae is finally going for that mainstream pop star coin. After years of being the go-to eclectic music industry darling, sartorially donned in black and white tuxedos and her signature pompadour, Monae is switching up her look and sound a bit and taking a more mass market approach. 

Her new single “Yoga” riffs on southern bounce, and features her twerking and slow body rolling with her crew in sexy workout gear. You know, pretty much what we do whenever there’s a full-length mirror around.

But here’s what we need to know, Jawbreakers. One of the most standout lyrics in the song is “ You can not police me. So get off my areola!” a feminine take on the old adage “Get off my dick,” (see J.Cole’s “G.O.M.D.”).

We’re kinda obsessed. But we can’t quite predict if it’ll stick.

Is “Get Off My Aerola” the new “I Woke Up Like This?” What do you think? Sound off in the comments!


HELL YEA: Of course! I’ve been saying it every day since I heard it.

NOPE:  Say the word aerola outside of a doctor’s office? Ew.

Shayla Byrd

Shayla Byrd

Shayla Byrd is a real southern belle and the Senior Editor of Jawbreaker. Her grandmother used to call her sassy when she was a kid. That pretty much hasn't changed.

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