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Janelle Monae on Iggy Azalea: “She Steals From Us, We Steal Back”

Janelle Monae and artists from her Wondaland Records label, including Jidenna, appeared on the Hot 97 morning show earlier this week with Ebro, Peter Rosenberg and Laura Stylez to promote their compilation album, Wondaland Presents: The Eephus.

During the interview, it was brought up how some people think Jidenna’s hit song “Classic Man” samples Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy.”

We don’t know anyone who would put Jidenna and Azalea in the same sentence when it comes to music and artistry, but stranger things have happened.

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“Some of the people have said that Iggy Azalea is getting paid off this record [“Classic Man”]. I’ve seen that a lot. The truth is we actually didn’t sample it. But ever since the decision of Robin Thicke and Pharell, we believed that it was important to have the right paperwork in place.”

Rosenberg then asks what most people are probably wondering, “What part do people think you sampled from “Fancy”, the sound of the song?”

“I don’t know what part, exactly,” said Jidenna.

Once again, Rosenberg says what we’re all thinking, “Wouldn’t it have been ironic if Iggy Azalea had sued someone for having a record that sounded like “Fancy”?”

Monae chimes in and says, “She steals from us, we steal back.”

Welp, that’s something we can all agree on.

Hear this part of the interview at the 9 minute mark!

Brittney Fennell

Brittney Fennell

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