Is Your Vagina Happy?

Every girl needs and wants a healthy, happy vagina that’s free of infections, irritations, odors and of course, sexually transmitted diseases!

There are loads of simple ways to keep your kitty extra happy, some of which you might likely already do, like use condoms or get your annual exam.

But adding (and taking away) a few steps to your routine could help boost your vaginal health and happy!

Here’s a few tips!

1. Lose your panties (sometimes)!

There’s nothing wrong with going commando! Especially during the hot summer months when you’re rocking loose fit trousers and long maxi dresses or skirts. Wear only cotton panties and save those silk and lace joints for those times you don’t plan on keeping them on for long. *winks*

2. Greek yogurt is your v-bestie!

Yogurt increases the good bacteria in your vagina, so definitely eat plenty! If you’re not such a yogurt fan, take probiotics once a week. Be mindful, if you’re taking antibiotics for an illness or pain, they can kill off the good bacteria that keep your vagina healthy.

3. Never skip your annual exam!

Your annual exam doesn’t only have to be about checking your pelvic area, but you can use it to ask your gynecologist any questions about sex, condoms or fertility.

4. Douche like never, ever!

Never douche! Just don’t do it. Like never, ever, ever. If you want to keep your kitty extra fresh, drink plenty of water, lose the harsh soaps and maintain a neat bikini wax!

5. Watch the order of your sex!

Watch your partner when they go from hitting from the back to the front! Going anal to vaginal can put your kitty at major risk for infection. Always replace the condom on your man if he’s going back to a traditional missionary!

Brittney Fennell

Brittney Fennell

Brittney is the Associate Editor of Jawbreaker and a writer who has goals to disrupt culture in ways unseen.