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Is an ‘Empire’ Spin-Off in the Works?

‘Empire’ fans are having the best damn day ever!

Not only was the season two trailer just released, show creator Lee Daniels announced at a Television Critics Association panel ‘Empire’ will get a spin-off show!

“Without question, there will be a spin-off of ‘Empire,’ said Daniels.

Apparently there’s so much back story on the Lyon family and our spirit animal Cookie, it’s too much to fit into just one series.

Daniels shares there’s lots to, “what makes Cookie’s family and what makes Luscious’ family.”

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It seems like every week, a new celebrity guest star is announced, Mariah Carey being the most recent addition, but Daniels says to remember the show is about family.

“It’s funny when you start a TV show, you don’t know what you’re doing. You think you can get your friends together. The more celebrities and stars we put on the show, the more it takes away from the fact that it’s a family show,” Daniels says.

“That’s okay for you to be dazzled by Denzel [whom Daniels has been trying to get to make yet another guest star], but family is what this story is about.”

Since “Empire” is about a dominant record label set in modern times, it makes sense to have today’s entertainers interacting with the characters. It worked for “Entourage“!

Brittney Fennell

Brittney Fennell

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