Some “happy endings” aren’t so happy.

In the latest Taylor Swift, 25, dating saga, we’ve learn the mega pop star broke up with her short-term boyfriend, deejay and music producer Calvin Harris.

The break up comes after Swift discovered Harris received a happy ending from a masseuse! Oh what a pity!

Although the story claims Harris denied the happy ending took place, it did not stop Swift from kicking him to the curb!

If you haven’t caught on by now happy endings are not the ends of fairy tales where the princess rides off into the sunset with a prince on a white horse.

The happy ending we’re talking about involves a massage, some love in the club, and a $20 tip!

This raises a fascinating question for us all: are happy endings grounds for ending a relationship?

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It depends on the nature of the relationship, right?

We’re not sure what agreement Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift had but the short answer for us is if you’re in a monogamous relationship, happy endings are grounds for ending a relationship or at least some serious reconsideration.

While this might sound harsh or prudish, the health risks alone are enough for us to chuck the deuces!

Just imagine how many fairy tales this masseuse is completing in one day for tips?

Calvin Harris or no one for that matter could have believed they were the only clients who wanted a happy ending.

I’m sure there were several other clients who might have come in looking for the exact same service. Who is to say this masseuses practices safe happy endings?

I do have to ask Taylor Swift a question though.

Were you giving happy endings at home, ma’am? Maybe this is why your man jumped at the first opportunity to have one from a complete stranger?

Now, while we stand by our decision to likely break things off there are some exceptions to every rule.  A little more questioning for Calvin Harris is necessary. Is this a regular occurrence between him and the masseuse or was this an one-time thing?

Perhaps, if it was an one-time thing and he’s remorseful about it, we just might (big might) consider not ending things, but putting things on serious watch.

We’re not sure of all the details of Swift and Harris’s relationship or of the happy ending he received, we do know happy endings are a form of cheating.

If you and your partner have an exclusive relationship, think twice about engaging in happy endings or any other compromising behavior.

You really can’t be mad if your #bae decides they just can’t get over it and wants to end things.

Johnette Reed

Johnette Reed