NSFW: How to Make a Baby, 70’s Cartoon Style!

If you’re in need of a sex-ed re-up, How to Make a Baby, a book written by Danish author Per Holm Knudsen is the thing for you! The children’s book is oddly trending on Facebook, likely because of the hilarious illustrations. The descriptive words in the vintage 1975 children’s literally breaks down the entire baby-making process from love in the club to hair-pulling labor!

Posted by Crysta-Mai Elassaad, the illustrations received over 159,000 shares and counting. The actual book is a big hit with parentals and  it’s going for a whooping $700 on Amazon!


Knudsen introduces the whole penis/vagina dynamic writing: “When the parents are not wearing any clothes, you can see that the mother has an opening between her legs. It is called a vagina. The father has a penis and testicles.”


The author then breaks down what exactly happens when you put a penis in a vagina, because we desperately needed to know. “The father’s testicles are filled with sperm. When he makes love, these come out the tip of his penis. They move through the mother’s vagina into a hollow space in the mother’s abdomen called the uterus or womb. Sometimes, there is a tiny egg inside the mother, and a sperm cell joins it.”


Describing how babies are made to a tee, Knudsen writes: “If a sperm cell has joined the egg (or ovum), together they can grow into a baby inside the mother’s womb. The mother and father do not know yet if this has happened.”


Months after you have sex, Knudsen says explains this is how we all got here: “As the baby grows larger, the mother’s abdomen also grows bigger. The baby’s head comes out first. The mother’s body stretches to allow the baby to come out.”


And daddy is highly impressed by the wonders of mommy’s kitty: “All these months, the father is very proud of the mother. They share the excitement of feeling the baby’s first movements inside its mother, and count the days until their baby will be born.”

There you have it! Baby-making, vintage-style! Be sure to keep this one in stock if you ever need a reminder or if you just want to laugh at the pictures like us!

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