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Here’s Kerry Washington as Anita Hill!

Olivia who? Kerry Washington may be taking a break from handling crises in D.C. but her new acting role doesn’t have her straying too far from ‘Scandal.’

The actress is set to star as Anita Hill in the upcoming HBO film Confirmation, a biopic about Clarence Thomas’ 1991 Senate hearings to become Supreme Court judge.

Hill, a law professor and attorney, who was also one of Thomas’ aides at the Department of Education and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, was called to testify during the hearings after accusing Thomas of sexual assault. The unforgettable testimony, that found Hill being forced to recount painful details of Thomas’ alleged sexual advances in front all of America, brought workplace sexual harassment into the limelight and forever changed the way the country viewed victims’ rights. It also took inter-cultural sexism and misogyny from the kitchen table to the national stage.

Washington posted a pic of herself in character as Anita Hill recently, with a grateful caption.

“Dear @HBO, Thank you for the profound opportunity of getting to inhabit Anita Hill and help tell this story!” Washington wrote. “Yours truly, K-Dub (aka super excited Exec Producer).

The movie, which began production this summer, also stars Wendell Pierce, Jennifer Hudson and Jeffrey Wright.

Watch Anita Hill’s historic testimony now!

Will you be watching? We are!

Shayla Byrd

Shayla Byrd

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