The ultimate muse, devastating beauty and provocateur Grace Jones, now 67, has reemerged, although she never really left, for the release of the uncanny autobiography she said she’d never do, aptly titled I‘ll Never Write My Memiors, and a string of performances in New York, particularly at AfroPunk Fest tonight in Brooklyn. We’ll be front row for that and you can follow our Instagram for all of the ridiculously fierce iPhone pictures we’ll be taking of this ageless goddess on stage.

80’s babies may recognize Jones as the demanding, erotic and fur-toting diva Shange in Boomerang who told Marcus played by Eddie Murphy, in the middle of a fancy Manhattan restaurant, “No man can turn down this pussy!”

But Jones is more than a freaky girl frozen in cinamatic time. She’s a global rockstar, and a model with a career spanning over four decades, and undoubtedly the single most influential fashion and beauty icon who’s informed everyone from Madonna, Rihanna to Miley Cyrus.

In an exclusive excerpt of her new autobiography given to Harper’s Bazaar, Jones offers up a little Shange steez and let us all in on her very first orgasm. Check it out! 

Shaving my head led directly to my first orgasm. This is because I am fairly sure that the man I had my first orgasm with was Andre, my hairdresser from Cinandre, a huge salon at 57th Street and Madison Avenue. It was such a revelation, almost traumatic, the very first, that most of the details have been wiped away, other than the tidal rush of feelings, but a little bit of detective work, rummaging through my memories, has led to Andre as the prime suspect. His salon was where I was sent to make sure that when my hair started to grow back I didn’t go ahead and shave it off again.

These days they say DJs are God. Back then it was hairdressers who were God. Like Vidal Sassoon. All the celebrities would go to hairstylists like Andre. He was more than a hairdresser. He was an artist and a photographer, very experimental. He cut the hair of lots of models and actresses, and he invented the Farrah Fawcett flick. It was decided he would know what to do with me.
He definitely knew what to do with me.

Andre relished this instinct that I had to find a different place to be, even when it came to my hair, and he treated my short hair like a canvas. It was very short, but there were ways he could change how it looked, and instinctively this was what I was after, constant change. It would be a key part of my overall performance. My hair could be adjusted, changed, edited, in much the same way that later my whole body would be treated. …

I suppose it’s not surprising that my first orgasm was with Andre. His fingers on my scalp working their magic helped, and it didn’t take much for that to lead to great sex. I’d never had sex like that before. It was sex from another era, another solar system. It still started with the mouth but it ended up beyond the body. It made me feel like I was falling backward in time. He was very open-minded and creative, and that seemed to spill over into the sex. He bent me out of shape.



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    Who is Shange?!? Her character’s name was STRANGE’!!!