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Blackish creator Kenya Barris has been plucked by Sony to penn a ‘Good Times’ movie adaptation. In case you’re the same millennial who thought Missy Elliot was a new artist at the Super Bowl, ‘Good Times’ was a breakthrough CBS-sitcom about an African American family living in Chicago’s notorious Cabrini Green projects. Developed by Norman Lear, the series was based in the ’60s and ’70s and went six seasons from 1974 to 1979.

‘Good Times’ will always be remembered by J.J. Evan’s bufoonery, Thelma’s perfect afro puffs, a then teenage Janet Jackson and it’s Baptist church-style theme song penned by Alan and Marilyn Bergman—”Temporary lay off, good times! Easy credit rip off, good times!” Not to mention a slew of celebrity cameos including Debbie Allen, Jay Leno, John Witherspoon and Paul Mooney.

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At the show’s peak, viewers exceeded 14 million and with Hollywood’s recent obsession with adaptations—mostly for their nostalgic marketability factor and because original content is too challenging and too big of a risk for studios—it’s understandable why Sony would be vested in this remake.

But nope!

This is a creative cop-out and a predictable pounce on Black America’s sensibilities and pocket books. I’d rather see a silver screen remake of ‘A Different World’ or even ‘Martin’. Yes! Let’s bring Martin and Gina to the big screen for some highly-overdue Black rom com! Or better yet Sony, give rising Black filmmakers a chance to create original content and new moments for the viewing public.

There are just so many questions.

Will the movie take a more comedic or dramatic approach? Will it address the civil rights and Black power movements—which will be timely for the devastation and blatant racism happening in our streets today.

And don’t even get me started on the likely casting choices.

Will Bow Wow, excuse me, *ahem* Chad Moss play J. J. Evans? And who ever plays Thelma and Willona fashion and afro game better be on point! The world can hardily spot Janet Jackson for a street style moment so don’t expect her to make an appearance.

I disagree with all of this! But you know I’ll be at the nearest screening.

Geneva S. Thomas

Geneva S. Thomas

Geneva is the founder of Jawbreaker, which she plans on turning into an intergalactic all-girl army that will someday storm the streets of the world in studded bras and Tom Ford boots. She recently took up archery and collects more books than shoes.

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