How to Give a Fake Number And Still Get Texts!

It’s safe to assume at some point all of us ladies have either given a guy a fake number or wished we could have since now after you give guys your number, they call it so you can have theirs.

There is a now a solution thanks to a new company called Phox, which hides your real number behind a public number for sending and receiving texts.

People can text you at this fake number, you’ll receive it on your phone and when you reply, it will look like it’s coming from the fake number. What happens if someone tries to call you at that fake number? It’ll ring like the phone is busy.

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For those of you who use dating apps like Tinder, you may not want to give the guy you just met your real number until you can certify he’s not an asshole or completely crazy. And you also may not want to give your number out when it comes to placing online orders.

Phox offers a seven-day free trial and after that, it’s $4.95 for 100 texts.

No more memorizing the number to your local pizza place so you can give random guys that number instead.

Brittney Fennell

Brittney Fennell

Brittney is the Associate Editor of Jawbreaker and a writer who has goals to disrupt culture in ways unseen.