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Gina Rodriguez and Tracee Ellis Ross Go Without a Drop of Makeup for People

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Talent TV beauties Gina Rodriguez and Tracee Elliss Ross did a photoshoot for People’s “Most Beautiful” issue sans makeup.

Rodriguez, Golden Globe winning star of “Jane the Virgin” shares her natural skincare beauty secret revealing it’s all soap and water. “I usually wash my face in the morning and at night with soap.” The rising star, who’s repping for the Latinas, and who recently nabbed her first brand campaign for Kipling reveals, “It’s pretty simple. And drink water!”

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“Blackish” star Tracee Eliis Ross’ natural beauty regimen is a little more strict. She avoids gluten, sugar and alcohol. Now that’s a commitment.

The recent host of BET’s “Black Girls Rocks” says, “I think my confidence comes from accepting who I am.”

We agree, Tracee! Rock on, naturally!

Geneva S. Thomas

Geneva S. Thomas

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