Gayle King opened her massive closet for The Coveteur! We know her as Oprah’s bestie. But King is a media queen in her right hosting CBS “This Morning” show, and serving as editor-at-large of O Magazine!


The editor and TV anchor loves to indulge in ultra feminine shoes like a pair of ruby red Chanel pumps that should be mounted in a museum. One look at her endless drawers of neatly stacked accessories will have you on a serious drool!

King is quite the collector of fab and old things, she still has a flip cell phone she actually uses on a regular basis, and she swears by her Blackberry!

After a closet intervention with the help of Adam Glassman, Creative Director of O, the Oprah Magazine, King’s custom-built closet is now color-coded and dazzled with mirror trays holding her eyeglass collection and perfectly arranged bottles of Jo Malone and Chloe fragrance!

Gayle, sis. We’re downtown, not too far away. Let us know when you’re done with those floral Manolos!

See a few shots of the media maven’s fab closet and see more over at The Coveteur!  









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