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Female Artists Sing About the Plight of Rich Guys in Hollywood

“#MakeItFair is a call for gender equality in the stories we tell, the wages we earn, and the future we shape. The goal is vast and so, as artists, we decided to do what we do best: create.”

A group of over 70 women came together to make a statement on wage inequality in the entertainment industry. The video published three days ago on Tuesday, April 21, has received over 100,000 views.

In a comical and snarky way, the featured cast highlights some not-so-shocking statistics about women vs. men in show business and how the inequities are stark in contrast. They also brilliantly pretend to be disappointed the entire industry is 100 percent male-operated and dominated.

The education and shade-throwing continues as actress and one of the masterminds behind the project, Patricia Noonan hilariously declares:

 “Women who aren’t working in entertainment can contribute to The Make it Fair Project’s mission if you simply apologize for your ideas, talent, and ambition. Hang back. Don’t raise your hand, write that screenplay or ask for that promotion. Don’t tell your stories or run for office. Oh! And don’t support each other.”

We love it!

Brittney Chase

Brittney Chase

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