Ew! A Real Life Barbie

We can thank systemic sexism and the horny male gaze for dolls. We dressed their plastic bodies and combed their Yaki hair as little girls. We had no clue how their unreachable body measurements would haunt us straight into womanhood. We’ve seen loads of broken and self-esteem-free celebrities do everything they could to look like real-life Barbies. And thanks to waist-training, well, we can all #goals our way to a size 22 waistline. But a Ukrainian “model” took her Barbie expectations to the next level. She decided to become one, literally.

Barbie Lookalike Welcomes Spring With Sexy New Shoot

A quick glance at Valeria Lukayanova and you’ll think you’re watching a Sims caricature come alive in a denim bra-top and coochie-cutting shorts. Actually you can stare at photos of the 29-year old Internet sensation for hours and still think it’s a photoshopped prank.

Barbie Lookalike Welcomes Spring With Sexy New Shoot

But no Lukayanova is all real, well, except for her breasts, her face, her waistline, her…okay, you get the point.

Of course Lukayanova says she’s entirely au naturale but admits to her breasts. She says her extremely low BMI count is because she doesn’t drink alcohol, smoke and exclusively dines on tiny amounts of raw fish and fruit juice. Okay, girl.

Reportedly the model, who’s married to Ukrainian business man Dmirty Shkabov, has been on a six-month hiatus and resurfaced recently with these new creepy photos. According to Daily Mail, she hates her body and wants to build more muscle.

Pic shows: Real-life Barbie Doll Valeria Lukyanova poses in a spring garden. Real-life Barbie Doll Valeria Lukyanova has fans panting over her latest sexy photo-shoot. The 29-year-old Ukrainian model has made it her life’s ambition to mimic the famous American toy. Judging by these latest amazing pictures in a spring garden, she has pulled it off in spectacular style. Stunning Valeria, 29, who has doll like features and a tiny waist, posed in blue skimpy mini shorts, figure hugging top and high heels for the shoot. Posing suggestively for the cameras she said: "The spring is late this year, but it has finally come. "It has inspired me to do a photo shoot with a beautiful and all natural background ... Oh, how I love spring!" Her millions of fans around the world probably don’t care too much about getting back to nature, but they do admire her amazing curves and looks. Her platinum blonde hair, glassy eyes, skinny long legs, large bust and shapely figure are just like the toy she is trying to imitate. Overawed fan Marina Voron, 27, viewed the latest pictures and gushed on social networks: "I don’t have enough words. I look at you and I understand that you are the most beautiful woman in the whole world." However it seems even the best fans can be fussy. Mihail Lomov, 34, wrote: "I like all your body parts except the bottom. I think it might be a little bit bigger." Critic Irina Korol, 42, posted: "I think she used to play with Barbie doll in her childhood too much." "When she grew up, she hated her real body that wasn't as ideal as Barbie's and now this poor young woman tries to be like her beloved doll." Nevertheless the critics have not deterred sexy Valerie who has given up smoking and drinking and follows a very strict diet, eating tiny amounts of raw fish and drinking fresh fruit juice and water. (ends)

“I want the same magnificent figure. I no longer like my body. It needs some muscle.”

Lukayanova says she wants to look like a female Amazonian warrior. Kids please stay in school!

Barbie Lookalike Welcomes Spring With Sexy New Shoot

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

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