Ever Clean Your Flat Iron and Blow Dryer? You Should

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How often do you clean your hot hair styling tools? Probably not often. Here’s why you need to.

If your flat iron or curl wand hasn’t been working the way it should, it could be due to all the product buildup that’s damaging it and possibly hurting your hair.

“The buildup of the polymers in many styling products is essentially melted plastic material that can adhere to your hair,” Dante Pronio a hairstylist at Mizu in New York City tells Birchbox.


The residue left from your hot tools can create split ends but also becomes a barrier of gunk making it harder to style hair.

Pronio says it’s best to clean your hot tools based on how often you use them. Clean your hot tools once a week if you use them every day. Clean them bi-monthly if you use a couple times a week. If using a styling product with a glossy finish such as Soft Lacquer by Oribe, it’s best to clean every one or two styling sessions. When you spot buildup on a blow dryer, clean it immediately!

Because most flat irons and curl wands are ceramic, they’re actually super easy to get clean. Pronio says the best way is to plug in your tool and let it warm up, then unplug it and let it cool for a few minutes. Dampen a washcloth with rubbing alcohol and wipe the plates or wand clean while still warm, which makes it easier to clean.

Did you know keeping your dryer free of debris will cut down on your blowout time?

“Dryers suck air through the back vent and pick up dust and hair along the way. The grate keeps this debris from entering the mechanics of the dryer,” says Pronio.

When the grate gets clogged from weeks of buildup, it will start to overheat to overcompensate, which will cause burned hair and bristles. Clean out the hair and dust by taking off the back grate and using a Q-tip or tweezers to remove any hair and lint. Rinse the grate under hot water, pat it with a towel and allow it to fully dry before reattaching.

Sounds like a plan to cut down time on blowing out your hair and styling! Who’s mad?

Brittney Fennell

Brittney Fennell

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