Deez Nuts For President is the Greatest Troll of the Century!

Ever since Warren G made that infamous Deez Nuts joke on Dr. Dre’s “The Chronic,” the joke has never not been funny. No matter how old we’ve gotten.

So that’s why we were particularly delighted to learn a candidate going by the name Deez Nuts won 9 percent of votes in a North Carolina poll (along with 8 percent of the votes in Minnesota and 7 percent in Iowa) yesterday.

Even better were the news reports about the poll, where professional journalists were forced to say the words “deez nuts” in all seriousness and write things like “Candidate Nuts.”

We never thought we’d see the day.

And according to reports, all of these votes Deez Nuts has been racking up have made him the most successful independent presidential candidate in the past two decades. Decades!

Turns out though, the candidate is actually Brady Olsen, a fifteen-year-old high school student who may have just pulled off the biggest troll of the year.

All jokes aside, though, the teenage candidate actually has some serious stuff to say about politics.

Deez Nuts supports John Kerry and the work that the Obama Administration has done in Iran.

There’s a whole manifesto where he suggests things like cutting congressional salaries in order to balance the federal budget.

And while Olsen may be using the name as a joke, there are actually real live people in the world who have legally changed their named to Deez Nuts. Dozens of people.

Oh, America!

Shayla Byrd

Shayla Byrd

Shayla Byrd is a real southern belle and the Senior Editor of Jawbreaker. Her grandmother used to call her sassy when she was a kid. That pretty much hasn't changed.