Let’s be honest, online dating can be as wack as jocking for the one fine man at your neighborhood bar. And if you’re like us, you’ve wanted to throw your iPhone against the wall over a trillion times. But like real-time dating, online dating takes real skill and strategy!

Tinder co-founder Whitney Wolfe, who’s now the founder and CEO of new dating app Bumble, offered Glamour the dating hacks that could triple your responses and lead you to a summertime bae!

Here’s five of Wolfe’s tips we co-sign. Oh and we’re loving she’s a she. Female dating experts are everything!

1. Use a current photo!

Sure you looked amazing in that photo when you first tried hi-lites. But that was five years ago and men want to see how you look now, not then. It’s unfair to shock him when you two finally meet, and he’s expecting a blonde to walk through the door and you’re back to black!

2. No group shots!

We know how gregarious you are and that you got love for your squad, but Wofle suggests putting the focus on you exclusively. You don’t want your potential man to drool over your girl with the bigger titts, right?

3. Never use photos with other men!

It doesn’t matter if he’s your father or your gay bestie, no photos with men! This can create confusion according to Wolfe and you want your potential date to be focused, not scratching his head. The head on top of his shoulders, nasty!

4. Say ‘hey’ first!

Wolfe also recommends messaging men you’re digging first. Men love confident and empowered women and let’s face it, most girls are sitting around waiting to be messaged first. More importantly, saying ‘hey’ first gives you the upper-hand to set the tone. Don’t wanna be asked for booty shots? Hit him first and ask what his plans are for the summer!

5. Personality wins!

Your smile and beach body may send men in a frenzy, but personality always wins. Wofle says, “Leading with the surface won’t get you a deep connection.” We suggest kicking things off with your passion. Ask, ‘what are your listening to lately?’ Or comedy! Who doesn’t love a joke?

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