Cups are the New Tampons!

If you’re looking for an alternative to wearing pads and tampons when Aunt Dot is in town, you may want to consider something new: menstrual cups!

Instead of absorbing menstrual fluid, menstrual cups are inserted into the vagina to collect the fluid until the cup is full, which usually takes eight or nine hours.

Menstrual cups are reportedly super easy to wear. Makers say they’re also comfortable, nontoxic and reusable.

And although the cups have been around since the 1930s (first patented by midwife group McGlasson and Perkins), they’re hitting the shelves now in new modern packaging with loads of advancements!


Before you run out to the drug store, here’s a couple things you should know:

The cups are made of medical grade silicone and what separates them from tampons, panty-liners and pads are that they don’t contain bleach or artificial fragrances which can irritate the vagina.

Menstrual cups are also reusable, meaning you can use the same one over and over again. No more carrying around multiple pads or running out of tampons. Can you say relief?

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You can also adjust the menstrual cups to suit your level of comfort so you don’t feel anything when you sit or walk.

Keep in mind when using menstrual cups you will have to bring water with you so that you can rinse it after use. Carrying a bottle of water or a thermos would be best since most public restrooms don’t have water basins.

If you choose to use menstrual cups, you won’t have to change them as often as tampons or pads. Cups don’t have to be taken out during every bathroom run, how-some-ever, it is best to remove them before a bowel movement!

Menstrual cups also give you a good idea of how much blood leaves your body and it may not be as much as you thought.


Here’s how it works:

Squeeze the opposite side of the rim together tight and insert the cup completely into your vagina, placing it back and down. The cup will shape itself to your shape for a comfortable fit.  To take them out, hook your index finger under the rim and slowly pull out. 

You can find them at Walgreens for only $9.99! 

Now that we’ve put you on to p-cups (we just came up with that, like it?) would you ditch your pads and tampons for them? Sound off!

Brittney Fennell

Brittney Fennell

Brittney is a NYC journalist who has goals to disrupt culture in ways unseen.