Cool People You Should Follow on Periscope

Meet Periscope, the newest cool app brought to you by Twitter. Users can live stream video from where ever they are—concerts, cab ride on the Brooklyn bridge, bored at the office in a cubicle. You can login through Twitter. We like to call it SnapChat for grown-ups and its main competitor is Meerkat. Once you’re logged on, you can go back and watch older videos. It only allows users to save videos for 24 hours. After that, they’re dust!

Users also have the option of streaming to the public or limiting your streams to a select number of followers. A beta version of Periscope became available for celebs earlier year. Now that the app is open to the rest of the world, we’re offering a small list of cool people you should be following!




We can count the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul as one of the first bunch of celebrities to have an account with Periscope. The music legend sometimes takes fans behind the scenes as she prepares for her London Sessions tour.



Who doesn’t love Jimmy Fallon? The host of ‘The Tonight Show’ (and maybe a few of his staffers) use Periscope to live stream the action off-camera during a show taping.



From supermodel to business magnate, Tyra Banks has conquered it all and uses social media to talk directly to her fans. Follow her on Periscope to see how she’s building her beauty brand and preparing to launch yet another talk show.



Our favorite show runner was among those to first try out Periscope. On her very first live stream, the writer and producer tested out the app with her assistant. We have a feeling she’ll be live streaming some behind the scenes action of her #TGIT shows and exclusive Tinseltown events.



An American staple, DKNY’s social media queen DKNY Girl uses the app to live stream from its gag-worthy fashion closet. The app is already having an influence on fashion marketing, too!FullSizeRender



One of today’s most popular music streaming services began to use live streaming to give fans behind-the-scenes performances of singers. With the music streaming world becoming more competitive, let’s see how they decide to incorporate live streaming video.



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