This guy and I had been flirting heavily for about a year.

I see him out at a bar one night, where I had gone before and was stood up for a date. We start talking and he buys me a few drinks. Towards the end of the night, I’m getting ready to pay my tab and head home. He notices me closing out and walks over and says, “When are we gonna do this thing?” At first, I’m like, “Do what?”

But I knew exactly what he was talking about.

He asked me to wait while he said goodbye to some friends and then we left the bar together.

We get to his place and order some food. While we’re waiting on delivery, we make small talk and then he gives me a “tour” of his place. Next thing you know, I’m in his bedroom sitting on his bed. In the middle of my sentence, this dude shut the light off and closed the door!

Of course, it’s about to go down.

We start kissing and he has some trouble getting my skinny jeans off. So I help a brother out.

Now we’re naked.

Sex is going and suddenly I start to feel my hair slipping. I try to inch back a little and get a grip on my wig without him noticing. But he’s going all the way in thrusting and pulling my body closer.

We switch positions. Now he’s hitting it from the back.

He motions his hand towards my head as if he wants to pull my hair. I’m looking back like, “Oh hell no!” I say with an innocent voice, “Boy, you’re going to mess up my hair.” I’m still trying to play if off but I have a feeling he knows.

Out of no where, this dude says, “Fuck this wig!” and snatches that shit clean off my head!

He never missed a beat, either. He just threw the wig on the floor and kept hitting it.

The next morning, on my way to the bathroom, I find my wig on the floor lying helplessly in the corner.

All I could do was laugh.

I brushed it out and put it back on. At that point, who cared?



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