CNN Calls Members of Zeta Phi Beta a Gang

As if mainstream coverage of protests in Baltimore couldn’t get any worse or one-sided, CNN decided it was a good idea to mistake a historic women’s organization dedicated to service with a gang.

Here’s how the blatant disregard went down:

Pastor Jamal Bryant of Baltimore’s Empowerment Temple was being interviewed live by CNN from his church before a town hall he hosted was set to begin. As the interview closes out with Bryant, the camera pans to people sitting in the church. Members of Zeta Phi Beta are shown sitting together wearing their colors blue and white. The women of Zeta are obviously there to lend their support to the cause—as they have been since their founding in 1920.

The CNN reporter says, “We are moments away from the start of that town hall. As he said (referring to a CNN reporter on-location), you got the gang members there. You got about 500 people. It’s going to be contentious, it’s going to be angry…”

*record scratch*

Did CNN just refer to Zeta Phi Beta as a gang on national TV?


Instagram user @greekshenanigans3.5 posted CNN’s gaffe earlier today and commented “Zeta Phi Beta is NOT a gang!” The post has since garnered nearly 300 likes and counting with increasing outrage from commenters–many who are directly tagging CNN to the post demanding an apology.

No updates or public apology tweeted or reported by CNN since the segment aired. We’ll keep you updated.

Tag @CNN ‼️ Zeta Phi Beta sorority Inc. is #NOT a gang‼️ #CNN🙅🏽 #BS #gs4tp

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