Chicago Cop Gets Off in Rekia Boyd Murder

It’s still ‘open season’ on Black youth.

In March 2012, Rekia Boyd, 22, was chillin’ with her boyfriend Antonia Cross and two others near a park after leaving a party. The young adults were trying to figure out how to get home. Cop, Dante Servin, 45— off-duty at the time—calls police to complain about the party and then subsequently rolls up on them. Dismissing Servin for someone looking to buy drugs, Cross and Servin exchange words and the group turned their backs to walk away. Servin claims Cross pulled out what looked like a gun from his waist.

Turns out, it was his cell phone. Servin claims he “felt threatened’ then fires his unregistered gun at the foursome, over his shoulder, hitting Boyd in the back of her head and Cross in his hand. Boyd died the next day in the hospital and Cross sustained injuries.


Servin was cleared of all charges today including involuntary manslaughter, reckless conduct and reckless discharge of a firearm. He was captured on video after his hearing saying, “Any police officer especially would have reacted in the exact same way I reacted. He continued, ‘I’m glad to be alive. I saved my life that night.”

Really, sir?!

It gets worse, though.

He also said, “I also explained to the family that if this is what they needed for closure—for me to be charged—I hope they got what they were looking for.” Unbelievable.

In 2013, Boyd’s family received a $4.5 million settlement from the city in response to a wrongful-death suit. But for Boyd’s sister Martinez Sutton, money isn’t enough.

“No amount of money can ever repay you for the life of a loved one,” Sutton told the Chicago Reporter. “My sister was young, you never know her potential … so for them to put a price and bargain with us back and forth over what they think my sister’s life is worth, it don’t mean nothing.”


Brittney Chase

Brittney Chase

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