03 Sep 2015

5 Fabulous & Discreet Spots to Stash Condoms in Your Home!

Real woman shouldn’t be at all embarrassed to stash some rubbers beyond nightstand!

31 Aug 2015

Apple Watch Wants You to Buy It’s New Sex Toy!

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14 Aug 2015

7 Tricks For the Most Tasty Vagina Ever!

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31 Jul 2015

5 Hot & Innovative Vibrators You Should Take to Bed Now!

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27 Jul 2015

Now you Can ‘Spray On’ Condoms!

Safe sex just got super easy!

20 Jul 2015

Now You Can Contour Your Vagina, No Really!

Think we’re kidding? Umm we’re not. Vontouring is here!

09 Jul 2015

Would You Join a Threesome in Virtual Reality?

There’s a complimentary sample inside for the curious.