03 Dec 2015

Sex and Telling: How Much is Too Much?

If you’re the friend sharing sexcapades, it may be time to stop over-sharing.

23 Oct 2015

The Secrets of a Real Mistress

She might teach you a thing or two about your roaming man!

06 Oct 2015

How a Man Without a Penis Slept with 100 Women!

This man proves size really doesn’t matter and apparently, neither does a penis!

02 Sep 2015

Confessions of a Nameless Sex Worker

A woman opens up about the dark and tragic world of survival prostitution.

14 May 2015

Arrange a Quickie with Sexy New App

New app helps your quickie become even quicker. Do you dare?

11 May 2015

New Doc Rings Alarm on Sexuality in the Black Church

Was there a “quickie” in the Bible? New doc says so.