10 Nov 2015

Would You Give Your Man a Pass to Cheat?

Hollywood couples who reportedly give “hall pass” behavior includes the legendary Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee, and Will Smith and Jada Pinket Smith.

04 Nov 2015

Fetty Wap, Halle Berry, and Messy Exes

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21 Oct 2015

Why Monogamy Won’t Keep You From a STD

There’s mad cracks in monogamy!

19 Oct 2015

See How This Bride Responded When Her To-Be-Hubby Called Off Their Wedding!

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12 Oct 2015

Is a ‘Happy-Ending’ Grounds for a Break-Up?

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08 Oct 2015

How to Keep Your Man During Football Season!

Your survival guide for the time of year men are glued to the big screen and ignoring the hell out of you!

05 Oct 2015

The Exact Point Sex with Your Man Can Get Boring!

Boring bedroom behavior is bound to happen for new couples!