03 May 2016

My Boyfriend Told Me I Didn’t Have a Beach Body and That’s When I Knew I Needed a New Boyfriend

‘Lemonade’, body positivity, and letting go of fuckboys.

26 Apr 2016

How Long Until You Say “I Love You”?

At what point does a couple drop the l-bomb?

12 Apr 2016

Thanks to Online Dating You May Not Land Someone Hotter Than You

You can’t even get near a 10 if you’re anything below an 8…

11 Apr 2016

Check Out the New App Helping Couples Stay Together!

Learn more about your partner with daily questions!

07 Apr 2016

Wanna Cheat Publicly? Go to this Island!

A getaway just for adulterers!

31 Mar 2016

Siri Now Takes Rape Claims More Seriously

Giving technology a serious dose of empathy