05 Nov 2015

The Real Deal on Queefing and How to Avoid It!

Porn actresses offer tips on how to limit this normal but awkward occurrence.

15 Oct 2015

Real Proof Men Want Sex Over Food!

Men will starve before they miss out on the P!

12 Oct 2015

Why Girls Are Dying From Birth Control

That fine print that comes on the back of your pills is more important than you think!

06 Oct 2015

Beware! Weed Dick Is A Thing

Kush might stop him from getting it up and keeping it up!

02 Oct 2015

Men with Dadbods Are Winning at Sex!

A new study proves dudes with beer bellies are getting it all the way in!

29 Sep 2015

Pink Out Day: Planned Parenthood Offering Free STD Testing Today!

The highly contested org is urging women to show support via social media by posting “pinked out selfies” and using hashtags #PinkOut and #StandWithPP!

25 Sep 2015

Why Detox Tea Might Get You Pregnant!

The side effect you never expected!