05 Jan 2016

Oregon Just Made it Super Easy to Get Birth Control!

Women in the small town can take the pill without a prescription.

08 Dec 2015

‘FABLife’ Co-Host Gets Pregnant While Using IUD

Is any birth control 100 percent effective?

02 Dec 2015

This Woman Gave Birth 9 Hours After She Discovered She Was Pregnant!

She thought the baby was “kidney stones or something,”

17 Nov 2015

Oral Sex is a Leading Cause in Mouth Cancer

We might need a throwback on Sex-Ed 101!

13 Nov 2015

New STI Infecting Hundreds of Thousands of Clueless People

There’s no symptoms and risk increases when you don’t use a condom.

10 Nov 2015

Catholic Doctor Refused to Give Woman Birth Control!

There’s a lot of different medical practices but we can’t recall “Catholic physician” being anywhere on the list!