17 Oct 2016

Masturbating With A Bottle Got One Man’s Penis Stuck For 4 Days And Then Amputated

This is why your mother said you’d go blind if you did that.

05 Oct 2016

Could Your Birth Control Cause Depression?

There’s now science to prove it as a possible side effect.

30 Mar 2016

Expect Vasalgel Birth Control Injections for Men in 2018

It’s long-term effects are reversible.

16 Mar 2016

Is a Male Birth Control Pill on the Way?

Will guys even take it?

09 Mar 2016

Self-Induced Abortions Are On the Rise

It’s mostly in states without clinics.

22 Feb 2016

Study Finds Vaginal Ring Can Decrease the Risk of HIV Infection

It’s especially helpful for women who can’t access contraceptives.

03 Feb 2016

We Have Our Estrogen Levels to Blame For Not Liking Another Woman

We’re our most competitive when ovulating.