11 Dec 2015

12 Empowering Lyrics by Lil’ Kim!

Men, sex, money and fashion, Kim’s got the lyrics that will instantly make you feel badass!

06 Nov 2015

The Jewelry That Could Save You From Sexual Assault

Companies are coming up with new ways for women to protect themselves!

21 Aug 2015

The How to Make Me Come Tumblr is Everything!

The one tumblr every woman and man must experience!

19 Aug 2015

Female Viagra Approved!

The FDA finally approved the pill known as “pink Viagra”!

03 Aug 2015

Why You Should be Having Sex With the Man You Hate

Why angry sex may be just the thing you need!

28 Jul 2015

Oh! So Amber Rose Isn’t Feminist Enough to Have a Slut Walk?

The model’s efforts to raise awareness for women’s rights get rejected by women.