25 Apr 2015

10 Most Jawbreaking Moments from the Bruce Jenner Interview

Watch the part one of the decade’s biggest interview seen by 17 million viewers and the 10 most jawbreaking moments!

23 Apr 2015

Ben Affleck Original Interview on Ancestor Slave Master Hits Web

Read all the parts cut off from the actor’s ‘Finding Your Roots’ special!

21 Apr 2015

Uncle Jesse Forever! ‘Full House’ Spinoff Coming to Netflix

Get ready to relive your teen girl fantasies, Uncle Jesse is returning to TV! Have mercy!

15 Apr 2015

9 Craziest Moments of ‘Being Mary Jane’ Finale

Spoiler Alert! ‘Being Mary Jane’ season two finale had me mumbling and shaking my head like I was Halle Berry in ‘Queen.’ You know, the one where she ends up in the asylum?

15 Apr 2015

In OITNB’s First Look, Crazy Eyes Gets Crazy Over Vee

Watch OITNB’s season three first look and see how Crazy Eyes pops off over Vee!

10 Apr 2015

From the Vault: Whitley and Dwayne ‘It’s Cold Outside’

In honor of ‘A Different World’ coming to Netflix, we had to pull one of our favorite episodes from the vault!