22 May 2015

Get Hype for the Long Weekend and Watch the ‘House Party’ Dance Scene!

Take a trip back to the dopest dance party around the corner from a kitchen and Bilal’s breath. Cheers to the long weekend!

12 May 2015

Hilarious Ad Promotes Instant Therapy

Meet your new bestie Theresa, the advice-slinging baristapist!

08 May 2015

Quinta B, Our New Favorite Funny Lady

Enter Quinta B., the comedienne next up and taking over the Internet streets!

07 May 2015

Watch Mariah Carey Make Frito Lay Salad and Kick-off Her Vegas Residency

Mimi cooks an odd recipe in surgical gloves and kicks-off her 2-month Vegas stint in even more odd attire.

24 Apr 2015

Female Artists Sing About the Plight of Rich Guys in Hollywood

A group of power chicks make a very necessary declaration on wage inequality!

17 Apr 2015

Jamie Foxx Hilariously Sings Tinder Profiles

Imagine yourself watching ‘Kimmel’ and out of nowhere Jamie Foxx starts to sing out your Tinder profile!