05 Feb 2016

Apple Will Now Buy Your Cracked iPhone

Good news if you’re always dropping your phone!

04 Jan 2016

Beyonce’s Stylist Ty Hunter Just Changed the Selfie Game!

Studio-lighting on a phone? Yes, please!

09 Oct 2015

The New Selfie Duck Face is Here!

There’s a new selfie trend dominating Instagram timelines!

29 Sep 2015

Tweets Longer Than 140 Characters Coming Soon?!

Oh no! Here comes full on think pieces on Twitter!

09 Sep 2015

The Insiders to Follow This New York Fashion Week!

Stay in front of the style game and don’t miss a post, Snapchat story or stream from these insiders!

27 Aug 2015

This Instagram Update Will Change Your Life Forever!

The company introduced horizontal and landscape photos. No more white bars!