12 Sep 2016

How Do You Feel About Having to Pay Every Time You Hit the Snooze Button?

There’s a new app that will charge you for sleeping later.

09 Sep 2016

Here’s How Using Facebook Can Make You Happier

It’s all about how you use it!

31 Aug 2016

Now You Can Zoom Into Your Instagram Photos

Now they need to make links clickable in captions!

01 Aug 2016

Instagram Comments May Be History Soon!

What celebrity will use this feature first?

10 Jun 2016

Scheduling Rides With Uber is a Thing Now

This will be a lifesaver for those early and late flights!

20 May 2016

New Ear Devices Translate, No More Sneaky Ish-Talking In the Nail Salon!

This is a God-send for those who travel overseas a lot!