Broke Men More Likely to Cheat

It may be shocking some men who happen to depend on their wives and girlfriends for a roof over their heads, morning Wheaties and evening smothered baked chicken aren’t entirely faithful. But a new study says it’s #factsonly.

According to an article in the American Sociological Review by Christin Munsch, a professor at the University of Connecticut, there’s a 15 percent chance in an average year, men who financially depend on their wives will creep.

“Infidelity allows threatened men to distance themselves from and perhaps punish, their higher-earning spouses,” Munsch says.

The study used data ranging from 2001 to 2011 from the National Longtudinal Study of Youth. Munsch’s respondents were age 18 to 32 and all 2750 subjects were married. No other specifications in terms of race, location or religion were indicated.

You might say ‘duh, Jawbreaker, this news to anyone. Everybody knows *Phaedra voice* men who are stressed out because of financial setbacks or job loss will cheat.’

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Welp, Munsch’s study reveals on the other-wedded-hand, men who have wives totally reliant on them financially are also likely to cheat.

But if the breadwinner in the household is a woman, the study says, “they protect the stability of other relationships by not cheating.”

These are critical findings because as the Wall Street Journal points out, “American women are playing the lead breadwinning roles in families, while many men, especially less-educated men, are treading water.” The Journal says this is due to a “major shift in the economy away from manufacturing and other “physical” jobs toward service-based employment.”

Munsch’s study shows married men were less likely to cheat if they made more coin but only in some cases. The study specifically says men who brought home 70 percent of the combined household income were less likely to cheat.

How-some-ever, fellas who bring beyond 70 percent of the total household income are more likely to have a side-piece somewhere else in the city.

“These men are aware their wives are truly dependent and may think, as a result, their wives will not leave them even if they cheat,” Munsch states.

Still Munsch’s study shows men who are completely broke and jobless and thus dependent on their wives to go out and kill the meat are more likely to cheat than men who happen to be sole breadwinners.

Now ain’t this some bullshit?

All this proves, no matter how much our society advances toward gender equality, and whether or not we’re super close to having a lady in the White House—not the First Lady, the one running things—men are still high on macho formulations and can’t deal with being outperformed by women financially and professionally.

What do you think? Have you been in a relationship or marriage with a jobless man? Did he cheat on you? Sound off!

Geneva S. Thomas

Geneva S. Thomas

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