Traditional wedding receptions are basically over. The deejay, open bar and four-course meal? That’s like a side-chick. Uncle Jimmy kicking off the electric slide or Aunt Gina shays-shaying over to the deejay to request the ‘Wobble’ or ‘Cupid Shuffle’? Meh.

The Black wedding customs that once gathered family, old and young, single and married all to the dance floor, are simply not enough, too puny or umm…basic.

21st century wedding receptions are full out theatrical productions.

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The main focus for today’s bride is no longer the perfect fit for her custom gown, her bridal party’s elongated list of wedding day duties and making sure the groom arrives on time and sober.

Today’s millennial African-American bride’s chief concern and wedded anticipation is that the entire wedding party, groomsmen often included, remembers their cues, their choreography and costume changes.

The father-daughter dance will not be the highlight. The best man’s toast, a nuptial celebratory standard designed to yield tears? Nah. That ain’t the moment.

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In the past five years, a new cultural phenomenon surfaced.

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The one thing wedding goers save their iPhone battery lives for, the main attraction, the show-stopping extravaganza, the rehearsed spectacle made especially for YouTube views, otherwise known as the bride’s big chance to emerge as Beyonce.

Wedding videos of Black women giving their matrimonial renditions of Beyonce’s ‘Cater to You,’ Beyonce’s ‘Dance for You,’ Beyonce’s ‘Love on Top’ and Beyonce’s ‘End of Time’ is evidence of the increasing desire for Black women to have their Beyonce “I Am Sasha Fierce World Tour” moment.

What’s more, it’s empirical proof, in case we needed anymore, of our culture’s non-stop obsession with the pop star. Beyonce is so much of a fixation indeed, that Black brides around the nation have an intense longing to involve Blue Ivy’s mother, a virtual stranger, in the biggest day in their lives.

A Black bride’s estranged sister may not get an invitation, but Beyonce Gisele Knowles-Carter will be front and center.

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While grooms everywhere forcibly deal and look on, the bride’s parents cringe at the coming onslaught of hyper-sexual dance activity and frenemies who didn’t make the bridal party cut look on with the collective shade of the Joshua Tree National Park, the “Beyonce Wedding Dance” is a Black bride’s one chance to literally transform into this generation’s most desired, most idolized cultural figure and she can give 1.5 fucks if you care because she is the bride and the spotlight and imagined stage fan is all on her.


Melanin-infused brides spend weeks nailing dance steps. Wedding budgets are extended to make room for a spanking new line-item, “The Beyonce Wedding Dance.”

Brides invest in performance costumes directly inspired by the starlet’s music videos or on-stage attire. The deejay has an entire new playlist to round-up, “The Beyonce Wedding Dance.”

Wedding budgets are extended because now the reception hall must be rented for an entire new hour simply to account for the “Beyonce Wedding Dance.”

Wedding guests are stunned and bewildered. But they breath a collective sigh of relief, they finally have their chance to become an eye-witness to this new age occurrence and share the “Beyonce Wedding Dance” with their total social media follower count on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat, if they’re tech savvy enough.

The “Beyonce Wedding Dance” is like the UAE Flight-Deal. Everyone had it. And if somehow you didn’t, your cultural Blackness or cool factor is up for question.

Beyonce-themed wedding videos have earned over six million total views on YouTube and that’s just the videos included in this compilation, not including the amount of shares, likes and retweets.

Here’s the best of Black Brides transforming into Beyonce! Bring the beat in!

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B.

Exhibit C.

Exhibit D.

Exhibit E.

Exhibit F.

Exhibit G.

Exhibit H.

Exhibit I.

Geneva S. Thomas

Geneva S. Thomas

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