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Beyonce Turns Up for Marriage Equality!

When the Supreme Court announced gay marriage would be legal throughout the country, everyone—well most of us—rang out our excitement for the long-awaited and overdue decision! Loads of celebrities took to Twitter and Instagram, showing their support. But one major starlet’s Instagram was oddly quiet. Until now!

Do realize no one beats Beyonce. When she’s ready to turn up for a social cause she supports, there will be no mere tweet. Expect a full-out dance party!

The superstar posted one of her beloved dancing videos on Instagram in support of marriage equality just a few hours ago today. The “Flawless” pop starlet danced around her Manhattan apartment in fabulous rainbow-colored ensembles to her viral hit “7/11.” The post’s caption read: Never too late. #LoveWins.

There was a rainbow fitted baseball cap, a rainbow Diana Ross-esque flowingly poncho, a rainbow bikini set, a ‘Girl Power’ jersey  and her now infamously sexy fitted body she debuted in Nicki Minaj’s “Feeling Myself” video. This version reads her new fave word: kale. Not to mention a trio of colorful wigs!

Think she sent out one of her many assistants to fetch all those rainbow get ups especially for the post? We don’t doubt it. And for marriage equality, it’s totally worth it!

Never Too Late #LoveWins ❤️

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