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Beyonce on Vogue: Fire!

Bey Hive rejoice! Beyonce covers one of the most important Vogue covers of the year!

Wednesday night, designer Marc Jacobs, leaked a sneak peak at the September issue of Vogue and who else was on the cover giving us couture curated life but Beyonce, drenched in royal colored Jacobs!

Vogue confirmed via Tumblr, the most coveted fashion cover of the year has in fact been claimed by Beyonce!


While the pop diva has made Vogue covers before, appearing on the March 2009 and March 2015 issues; Beyonce is breaking barriers as the first Black woman to cover a Vogue September issue since Halle Berry slayed the cover in 2010.


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The cover story, “Just B: Beyoncé and the Art of Global Domination”, features an intimate interview with the pop star and some color commentary from notable designers like Stella McCartney who praises Beyonce’s versatility.


“Her appeal crosses art forms, genders, and generations.”

You’ll have to wait for the issue to get the full story but in the meantime, Vogue has ever so graciously released an excerpt and accompanying video entitled “Beyoncé: Moving, Morphing, Leading, Flaunting”, to help you keep your sanity.



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